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Virtual Carleton College

This page is a map of Carleton College, in Northfield, MN, as it was in the Spring of 1997, with various places on the map being hotlinks to other places on the map - try it out by (if you have a graphical browser) clicking on one of the buildings. Of course, you must have images enabled in your web browser to make use of this, though lynx users can also use the map if their browser supports client-side image maps.

Note that this is a work I never finished; I accept that many of the descriptions are lame and the bottom bit of the map will never be finished. If you have suggestions or comments, you can always email me.

Note further that this is not a product of Carleton College. It is a product of me, Daniel Martin, class of '97. Campus admissions has put together a much glitzier and up-to-date virtual tour, but I still like the simplicity of just a map and pictures. (plus, mine won't give you motion sickness) If you think this is in any way, shape, or form endorsed by Carleton College, then you're just wrong.

The images on these pages were taken my senior year, over the weekend of May 23rd, 1997, when a series of miscommunications allowed me to have access to ACNS's digital camera for the weekend. That's also the weekend I grabbed the map that forms the scanned image below; therefore, despite the present tense used in many of the descriptions, this is a reflection of Carleton as I remember it. Some things have changed since then. Among other things, a new (and, so I hear, amazing -- I only saw it from a distance when I went back for my 5-year reunion) recreational facility was built out beyond Goodhue, and a new building that is only a dining hall was built between Nourse and Myers. (And of that I'm jealous, though I do think that the campus looses something when you no longer have all that open space to have snow pile up in during the winter)

If you want a more recent view of Carleton's campus, here's the view from Google maps.

If you have lots of extra time, you could send me description and/or title changes as changes in the description file. I'm especially interested in any pictures people may have of the water tower, as I somehow didn't take any.

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