The School of Velocity
Luxury five-song E.P.

The School of Velocity proudly present their new album: Luxury five-song E.P.

This E.P. is available for $5 plus postage.

  • song one: "Solo" 3:14
  • song two: "Mirror" 3:16
  • song three: "Apart" 2:26
  • song four: "May-September" 4:05
  • song five: "Glide" 3:52

Some copies of the Gold Star Limited Edition Luxury five-song E.P. are still available; limited edition CDs include a live recording of the Grätüïtöüs Ümläüt rock opera, The Astronaughty Suite:

  1. Astronaughty Overture:
    1. Mission Critical
    2. Anomaly
  2. Lust in Space
  3. Chanty of the Space Pirates
  4. Space Battle
  5. Lust in Space Reprise (Only Metal Hearts Are Gold)
  6. Below the Asteroid Belt

SoV The School of Velocity
Can't Sleep At Night

The 1999 School of Velocity album, Can't Sleep At Night, is also available for $8 plus postage.

Supplies are limited.

  1. "Victim of Fashion" 2:59
  2. "Telltale Signs" 4:37
  3. "100 Miles" 5:06
  4. "Just for Me" 3:31
  5. "Material Girl" 3:55
  6. "Wide Awake" 3:20
  7. "With You Tonight" 4:48

For ordering information, please contact
Paul Morel or Steve Bentley.

All recordings are ©1999-2001 The School of Velocity.