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You seem to have found my site.

Like most every other site out there, mine is in a state of perpetual development. Surprisingly enough, the same can be said about me.

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For the time being, there's not much up here. If you're bored, go check out Jardinains!, my latest project. For those of you in the audience with a taste for cheap political commentary, the Terror-O-Matic Homeland Security Alert System may give you a chuckle. Maybe a guffaw.

You can grab a copy of my résumé if you like. I also have the latest version of a research paper on the Morris Internet Worm. I co-authored this several years ago with a guy named Charles Schmidt and have been keeping it alive in various corners of the web since then. Hopefully, this will remain its permanent home.

A little bit about myself: I'm Tom Darby. I'm currently living in Baltimore with my lovely wife, Miranda. I graduated from Carleton College last millenium and spent a year living and working in Paris. I enjoy hacking (in the non-evil sense,) reading, skating, film, and a whole mess of other things.

I'll be adding to this site as I go, so keep on coming back for more.